After taking in 360-degree views of the city from Tokyo City View, travel to Akita Prefecture to experience kamakura, which are rooms carved out of mounds of snow. See the traditional townscape and experience traditional events in a tour that will bring you into contact with an exciting new culture.

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Sydney Airport

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Narita International Airport

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Tokyo Metropolitan Area




Tomigaya is a residential area located in the central western area of the Shibuya district. Known also as Oku-Shibuya (the depths of Shibuya), it has a calm atmosphere with elegant cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the area, and it has been quietly gaining popularity. Yoyogi Park is also located close by.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Yoyogi-koen Station→Kokkai-gijidomae Station
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
Tameike-sanno Station → Azabu-juban Station
20 minutes / 200 yen


Azabu-Juban is an area that is popular among overseas tourists, as well as foreigners living in Japan. It is close to Roppongi, while retaining the atmosphere of Shitamachi (old Tokyo downtown). The shopping area in Azabu-Juban is a mix of new and historical shops, which keep people entertained as they stroll through the area.

15 minutes

Tokyo City Viewmore


Tokyo City View, situated in the heart of Tokyo, features an indoor observation gallery 250 meters above sea level and an outdoor Sky Deck 270 meters above sea level. It commands a view of landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and TOKYO SKYTREE, and on a clear day even Mt. Fuji. The Sky Deck is a special space open to the sky and breeze.

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Roppongi Station → Hibiya Station
20 minutes / 170 yen




7:55 Haneda Airportmore

The airport serves as an air gateway for Tokyo. The passenger terminal is filled with various commercial facilities, and visitors can command a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay from the rooftop observation deck, so that every one, even those who are not flying, can enjoy the terminal.

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9:00 Akita Airportmore

Akita Airport is a “municipal park” type airport located about 25 kilometers southeast of the Akita city center.
It has regular flights to Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka. (Service to Seoul is currently suspended.)
The Akita Airport Liner taxi van (also possible for single-person rides) provides service to sightseeing areas.
The Akita Airport Souvenir Plaza Gift Shop (Omiyage Hiroba) offers a pleasant subdued atmosphere for souvenir shopping with a sense of Akita cedar. Its rich selection of goods includes items sold only at the airport, as well as freshly gathered seasonal foods and saké from local breweries.

Airport Liner Kurikoma-go (shared taxi)
90 minutes, 6,700 yen

Yokote Masuda Manga Museummore

Japan's first manga-themed museum centered around the works of Takao Yaguchi, a Yokote City native, who was famous for multiple titles, including Tsurikichi Sanpei.
The museum introduces the original drawings, works, and animations of 100 famous artists from inside and outside Japan. Special exhibitions are held multiple times a year (paid), attracting many fans from Japan and abroad.

About 10 minutes

The Town of Masudamore

The town of Masuda is positioned at the confluence of the Narusegawa and Minasegawa rivers. Since ancient times, it has developed as a key logistics hub. Nakananokamachi-dori street in the town of Masuda once flourished due to the silkworm, tobacco, and mining industries in particular. On this street, princely interiors have been preserved inside narrow, but extremely long main buildings.
In December 2013, this area was designated by the government as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. There are also sake breweries with over 300 years of business on the street.

Ugo kotsu Bus Yokote-Oyasu Line
Yotsuyakado bus stop → Yokote bus terminal
About 30 minutes・660 yen



Kamakura were originally built as places to give offerings to a water deity enshrined in the front and to pray for family safety, commercial success, and a bountiful harvest.
Every year on February 15 and 16, during the time of the Lunar New Year, about 100 kamakura are built throughout Yokote City. During this time, children treat with amazake drinks and mochi rice cakes while saying, "Come into the kamakura."

About 10 minutes

Hotel Plaza Annex Yokote


Hotel Plaza Annex Yokote

JR Ōu Honsen Line (JR EAST PASS)
About 1 hour and 10 minutes・1,320 yen

About 10 minutes

Akita Museum of Artmore

Akita Museum of Art was designed by a leading Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. The museum features works by world-renowned artist painter Tsuguharu Foujita, as well as planned and special exhibitions of various artists. A work of particular note is the large painting "The Events of Akita" that Tsuguharu Foujita painted while covering Akita.

About 10 minutes

Akita City Folklore and Performing Arts Center (Neburi Nagashi Kan Hall)more

The Kanto Festival is a unique custom practiced in Akita, and is a festival that is representative of Japan. A variety of information about folk events in addition to the Kanto Matsuri are also on display.
There is also a "challenge corner" where visitors can try out the Kanto performance. The festive atmosphere of the center can be experienced all year round.

Akita City Folklore and Performing Arts Center (Neburi Nagashi Kan Hall) →Akita Station
15 minutes

Limousine Bus
Akita Station→Akita Airport
About 35 minutes・About 930 yen

Akita Airport

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Haneda Airport

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