Get up close and personal with city walks, introduced through this route aimed at active tourists, as well as illumination events in Tokyo and the feel of powder snow at Tazawa Lake Ski Resort

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Sydney Airport

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Narita International Airport

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Tokyo Metropolitan Area




Constructed as the main approach to Meiji-jingu Shrine, this street links JR Harajuku Station and Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station. Japanese zelkova trees line both sides of Omotesando, creating a relaxed atmosphere. There are many stylish stores here, including brand-name shops, cafes and restaurants, and popular spots such as Omotesando Hills and Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Omotesando Station → Nijubashimae Station
Approximately 15 minutes / 170 yen

Approximately 2 minutes from Nijubashimae Station

Marunouchi Naka-Dori Streetmore

Connecting Otemachi Station and Yurakucho Station, Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street is the main street of the Marunouchi area.
Many famous brand-name flagship stores, office buildings, and shopping complexes are located along this beautiful tree-lined street.
With seasonal events held at different times of the year, this is a place to enjoy visiting all year round.

Marunouchi Naka-Dori Building → Approximately 7 minutes' walk
Toei Mita Line Hibiya Station → Onarimon Station
Approximately 25 minutes / 180 yen

Approximately 10 minutes from Onarimon Station

Tokyo Towermore


This 333 meter tall radio tower was built in 1958. There is an observation platform at 150 meters and a special observation platform at 250 meters. The way it is illuminated at night changes by season and for events. The building at the foot of the tower, 'Foot Town,' houses a wax museum, an aquarium, souvenir shops and restaurants.

Approximately 20 minutes

Tokyo Metropolitan Area



Haneda Airportmore

The airport serves as an air gateway for Tokyo. The passenger terminal is filled with various commercial facilities, and visitors can command a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay from the rooftop observation deck, so that every one, even those who are not flying, can enjoy the terminal.

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Akita Airport more

Akita Airport is a “municipal park” type airport located about 25 kilometers southeast of the Akita city center.
It has regular flights to Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka. (Service to Seoul is currently suspended.)
The Akita Airport Liner taxi van (also possible for single-person rides) provides service to sightseeing areas.
The Akita Airport Souvenir Plaza Gift Shop (Omiyage Hiroba) offers a pleasant subdued atmosphere for souvenir shopping with a sense of Akita cedar. Its rich selection of goods includes items sold only at the airport, as well as freshly gathered seasonal foods and saké from local breweries.

By airport liner Nyuto Route
For Tazawako Plateau
Approximately 2 hours / 3,600 yen

Tazawako Skiing Areamore


The refreshing sensation of carving your own line in the silky powder snow while admiring the views of Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan, is second to none. There are courses with moguls and deep powder, with both medium and gentle inclines. Courses are wide, letting anyone from beginners to experts enjoy them.The FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup was held here in February 2015 and 2016.

Take the Nyuto Line Ugo Kotsu bus
Tazawako Ski Area to Tsurunoyu Onsen Kyudoguchi
Approximately 17 minutes / 290 yen
Approximately 12 minutes' walk to the onsen

Nyuto Onsen more

The Nyuto-onsen-kyo Hot Springs Village is the collective name for seven hot spring inns located inside the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. These hidden springs, surrounded by a primeval beech forest, are representative of Japan. Each of the seven hot spring inns (Ogama Onsen; Ganiba Onsen; Kyukamura Nyuto-onsen-kyo; Taenoyu; Tsurunoyu Onsen; Magoroku Onsen; Kuroyu Onsen) each have their own unique hot spring source and have differing water quality.

Approximately 12 minutes' walk to the bus stop
Take the Nyuto Line Ugo Kotsu bus
Tsurunoyu Onsen Kyudoguchi to JR Tazawako Ekimae
Approximately 44 minutes / 750 yen
Approximately 9 minutes by taxi
*A pickup bus is available (reservations necessary)

Hotel Morinokaze Tazawako


Hotel Morinokaze Tazawako

Approximately 9 minutes by car to JR Tazawako Station (pickup and drop off available)
JR Tazawako Line
Tazawako Station to Kakunodate Station
Approximately 26 minutes / 320 yen

Kakunodate Bukeyashiki-dori Streetmore

Established by the Ashina family in 1620. Afterward, it prospered as the castle town of the Hokke branch of the Satake family. The street, lined with old samurai houses, still retains the flavor of a castle town. It has been designated by the government as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Other than the old samurai houses, there are also many other attractions such as making kabazaiku (craftwork made from the bark of cherry trees) and visits to Ando Brewery.

Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway
Kakunodate Station to Kamihinokinai Station
Approximately 34 minutes / 760 yen
Approximately 7 minutes' walk to the next site

Paper Balloon Festival of Kamihinokinai more

Around the lunar New Year, these paper balloons, the largest of which can even be as tall as 12 meters, rise based on the principle of a hot air balloon. Over 100 paper balloons color the winter night sky. The historical industries in this area are rice growing and work on the mountains, so in the past many people prayed for a good harvest or sound health, but recently individual wishes for the year, such as peace and prosperity in the household and success in school, have been entrusted to the paper balloons, which are launched into the winter night sky to carry their words to the heavens.

Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway
Kamihinokinai Station to Kakunodate Station
Approximately 34 minutes / 760 yen
Walk approximately 10 minutes to the hotel

Machiya Hotel


Machiya Hotel

JR Akita Shinkansen
Kakunodate Station to Akita Station
Approximately 45 minutes / 2,820 yen
To Akita Airport by limousine bus
Approximately 30 minutes / 930 yen

Akita Airport

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Haneda Airport

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