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Introducing a trip that reminisces upon Japan’s modern history and romantic adventure through Iron City“Kamaishi”, a World Heritage Site.

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Tokyo Stationmore

Tokyo Station
October 2012 saw completion of the preservation and renovation work on the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building. The red brick facade long loved as the symbol of Tokyo Station has made a comeback, along with the history and grandeur of the original building dating nearly a hundred years back. The occasion also saw the reopening of Tokyo Station Hotel and Tokyo Station Gallery. The former is the only hotel situated within an important cultural property of Japan. The interior is designed in a sophisticated, classical European style to blend with the splendor of the Marunouchi Building exterior.

JR Shinkansen (JR EAST PASS)
About 2 hours and 30 minutes

JR Kamaishi Line(JR EAST PASS)
About 1 hour and 30 minutes

Kamaishi Station

1 minute

Sea Plaza Kamaishimore

Sea Plaza Kamaishi
Sea Plaza Kamaishi is located next to Kamaishi Station and serves as a base for disseminating information on the Sanriku Region. Here specialty products and souvenirs are sold, and a tourist information center and other such facilities have been set up.

Iwate Kotsu Bus Kamaishimarugoto Community Bus
Kamaishi Station→Kannon Iriguchi bus stop
11 - 16 minutes

Iron and Steel Museum more

Iron and Steel Museum
This is a museum on iron and steel unique to Kamaishi, which is the birthplace of modern ironmaking in Japan. A comprehensively produced theater introduces the progress of Kamaishi's ironmaking through a combination of sound, light, and visuals, based around a full-sized blast furnace replica. Visitors can enjoy learning about the history of iron through 3D visuals of ironmaking tasks and other visual equipment. There is also a commanding view of Kamaishi Bay from the viewing terrace.

15 minutes

Kamaishi Daikannonmore

Kamaishi Daikannon
With a height of 48.5m, the interior is split into 13 stories. On the 1st to 3rd floors are the hall of worship and where 33 Kannon statues are enshrined. From the 4th to the 10th story, the Seven Deities of Good Fortune can be seen in turn, and on the 11th and 12th stories is the Gyoran observation deck, built upon the fish that the Kannon statue carries. The deck is 120m high and offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Iwate Kotsu Bus Kamaishimarugoto Community Bus
Kannon Iriguchi bus stop→Kamaishi Station
11 - 16 minutes

Kamaishi Station


Kamaishi Station

Hashino Tekkozan direct shuttle bus (bus tour with guide)
Kamaishi Station→Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site / Blast Furnace Remains
About 3 hours (round trip)

Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site / Blast Furnace Remainsmore

Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site / Blast Furnace Remains
This site was built starting in 1858 until the following year through technical guidance by Oshima Takato, who has been called the father of modern ironmaking. Afterward, it was managed by the Nanbu Domain and the site of the oldest Western-style blast furnace in Japan was designated as a National Cultural Property of Japan (remnants). In addition to three blast furnaces, the remnants of a waterwheel and tenement have been confirmed, indicating the operational and management conditions of those times. This historical landmark is a symbol of the modernization of the iron industry in Japan.

Hashino Tekkozan direct shuttle bus (bus tour with guide)
Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site / Blast Furnace Remains→Kamaishi Station
About 3 hours (round trip)

Kamaishi Station

JR Kamaishi Line(JR EAST PASS)
About 1 hour and 30 minutes

JR Shinkansen (JR EAST PASS)

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