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Fukushima Prefecture is surrounded in beautiful nature.
The third largest prefecture in Japan, every region has its own characteristics, such as the Aizu region in west, enveloped by mountains and home to popular hot springs and ski slopes; the Naka-dori region, in which Koriyama serves as a core city; and the Hama-dori region in the east with its beautiful ocean and abundant seafood.
The prefecture is home to many interesting historic relics and landscapes, and Ouchi-juku, where you can take in its more than 300 years of history as a post town, and Tsurugajo Castle, are popular with visitors from abroad.
The Goshiki-numa cluster of lakes and ponds, formed by a volcanic eruption, are renowned scenic spot where you can see the mysteries of nature such as the blue ponds and other sights.
Kitakata ramen, with its soy sauce and pork bone broth, and sauce-katsudon, a pork cutlet dipped in a sweet sauce served in a bowl of rice topped with shredded cabbage, are not to be missed.

Getting from Tokyo to FUKUSHIMA

Route 1

  • JR Tokyo station → Fukushima station: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by Tohoku shinkansen

Recommended routes

    Visitors can get a feel for the future by experiencing high technology in Tokyo, and vicariously experience history and culture through the “Samurai City” of Aizu.
    Introducing a much-prized spring trip in which visitors simultaneously enjoy the snow and beautiful cherry blossoms in Fukushima, located to the north of Tokyo.
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