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Atsumi Onsen

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The soft waters and sound of the clear streams create the soothing charm of Atsumi Onsen, and there are hotels here that boast warm hospitality, good quality hot springs, and cuisine using seasonal ingredients. We recommend strolling along the Atsumi River, which flows through this hot-spring town, and seeing the different faces of the town through the four seasons: cherry blossoms in the spring, sweetfish fishing in the summer, and salmon traveling upstream in the fall. In the winter you can marvel at the beautiful snow-covered.
Rest at the riverside footbaths or on the wooden deck, and take a moment to relax and revitalize your spirit and body.
Enjoy meeting the local people in the morning market or public baths in this hot-spring town.

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More Information about Atsumi Onsen

Street address

Yuatsumi, Tsuruoka City


  • A 30-minute walk from JR Atsumi Onsen Station
    7 minutes by bus

Opening Hours

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Best season



Salt springs leave a salty covering like a veil, and a calmness and warmth throughout your body.
Sulfate springs keep your skin moist and prevent dryness.
As well as those in the hotels and inns, there are public baths, footbaths and places where you can drink the hot spring water.

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