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Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort

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Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort _1 Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort _2 Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort _3 Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort _4

At a German “kurort” (place of recuperation), the power of the natural elements (particularly the cold air and the wind) is utilized in combination with hilly walks through fields and mountains to enhance the effects of exercise, a walking technique that is known as “climatic terrain treatment.” The medical insurance-based treatment is utilized for rehabilitating cardiac infarction and angina, treating hypertension, preventing lifestyle-related diseases and improving seasonal affective mood disorder. Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort features eight walking courses in five locations. The courses are geared to different exercise levels, and are the first such courses in Japan to be certified by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. By all means immerse yourself in the natural seasons while taking woodland walks at Kaminoyama, where there are mountains right alongside the hot spring district.

More Information about Kaminoyama Onsen Kurort

Street address

The vicinity of Zao Bodaira Highlands, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata, and other locations (differs depending on the course)


Opening Hours

Differs depending on the course (time required: around two or three hours)
*may change depending on the season.


End of year/beginning of year



Best season

Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep.


Differs depending on the course

Spots around

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