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Chūson-ji Temple

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Chūson-ji Temple Holding

Founded by the monk Jikaku Daishi. Starting from the 12th century, the first Ōshū Fujiwara lord, Kiyohira, began the construction of a massive temple complex here, including two-storied pagodas and two-storied halls. They were built as Buddhist pure lands to give comfort to the spirits of the people who died in the long wars of the Earlier Nine Years War and the Latter Three Years War. Many of the temple buildings were burned down in the 14th century, but even now, the area is a treasure trove of Heian art with over 3,000 articles of National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties,principal of which is the Konjikidō Golden Hall.

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More Information about Chūson-ji Temple

Street address

202 Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishi-Iwai-Gun Iwate



  • JR Hiraizumi Station → Chusonji Tsukimizaka Iriguchi
    1.6km (a 25-minute walk)


  • About 5 minutes on the Iwate Bus (Kokudo Minami Line), then get off at Chuson-ji

Opening Hours

Summer (1 March to 3 November) 8:30-17:00
Winter (4 November to the end of February) 08:30-16:30


Open all year round


Best season

All year


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