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Mt. Moriyoshi

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Known as one of Japan's greatest flower mountains due to the approximately 300 types of alpine plants that bloom there from early summer to autumn. In the winter, skiing and seeing the frost-covered trees ("snow monsters") are popular. They both can be easily enjoyed by riding the Ani Gondola.

More Information about Mt. Moriyoshi

Street address

Anikaginotaki, Kitaakita City, Akita


  • Take train to Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway's Aniai Station.
    Take taxi for 20 min. (reserve at least 30 min. prior for one-way or roundtrips; from 1 person).
    Take Ani Gondola from Gondola Sanroku Station to Gondola Sancho Station (15 min.)

Opening Hours

Varies by season


Varies by season


Best season

All year


Since the elevation rises above 1,000m, please take care to wear cold-weather protection, particularly in the severe cold of winter.

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