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Sagakei Gorge

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Along with Yabakei Gorge in Oita Prefecture and Geibikei Gorge in Iwate Prefecture, Sagakei Gorge is counted as one of Japan’s three great gorges. The gorge spans 2km from Murohama to Kayanosaki on the peninsula jutting out from the southernmost tip of Miyato-jima. The 20-40m sea cliffs, eroded by the surging waves and weather over a long period of time, are truly a mystery of nature. In contrast to the feminine grace of Matsushima Bay, Sagakei Gorge's masculine continuous rough and wild scenery inevitably stirs a sense of adventure. There are two ways of fully enjoying the true charm of Sagakei Gorge. The first is to stroll along the walking course established by Ohama; the second is by pleasure boat, on which you can view the scenery from the sea. Each offers a different flavor of the area, allowing you to enjoy the superb scenery of Sagakei Gorge.

More Information about Sagakei Gorge

Street address

On foot:
Miyato, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi (south-east)

sightseeing cruise boarding point:
5-1 Kawahara, Miyato, Higashimatsushima City (Inside Selco Home Aomina)


  • Approximately 12 minutes from Nobiru Station by taxi

Opening Hours

Boats operate as needed between 8:45 and 16:00
(October to March until 15:00)


None (Operation may be suspended due to weather. Please inquire in advance.)


Best season

All year


If you want to enjoy the true charm of Sagakei Gorge, the best view is from the sea on the sightseeing cruise, where you can see the rock faces close-up.

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