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Matsushima Islands Area

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As a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, Matsushima Bay has charmed a great many people since long ago with its picturesque scenery. Places like Entsuu-in Temple are illuminated, particularly in the autumn foliage season, to produce a wondrous atmosphere. The Kanrantei, where visitors can enjoy all-season macha green tea, is also highly recommended! Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Date Masamune Historical Museum, who helped build the foundations of Sendai, as well as the Yakigaki House, where visitors can have all-you-can-eat oysters, a Matsushima specialty, and even try oyster burgers. Before embarking on a sightseeing cruise through the islands, head to a high vantage point, such as at Saigyomodoshi no Matsu Park, to see the entire scope of the bay. It will add another level to your enjoyment of the cruise. At Entsuu-in Temple, the rosary-making workshop is popular.

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More Information about Matsushima Islands Area

Street address

Matsushima Town


  • Walk from the JR Matsushimakaigan Station

Opening Hours

Varies depending on the establishment


Varies depending on the establishment



Best season

All year


Activities available in Matsushima
・Sightseeing cruise
・Matcha (green tea) experience at Kanrantei Teahouse
・Shakyo (Buddhist sutra tracing) experience at Zuiganji
・Sasakama (bamboo-leaf-shaped fish paste) making experience workshop (Matsukama)
・Trying on armor and helmet at the Date Masamune Historical Museum
・Buddhist rosary-making workshop; autumn foliage light-up (November) at Entsuin Temple
・Oyster hot pot cruise (December-March)

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