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Jozenji-dori Ave.

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The Japanese Zelkova trees lining Jozenji-dori Ave. are the symbol of Sendai. People walking down the path at the center of this road can encounter sculptures such as Emilio Greco's Memories of Summer. In this way, this path is the perfect place to enjoy works of art and the changing seasons. In addition, a shopping area in the center stretches all the way to Sendai Station. It is filled with a variety of stores from large stores to small shops frequented by locals.

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More Information about Jozenji-dori Ave.

Street address

Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi


  • 4 minutes on the Municipal Subway Nanboku Line from JR Sendai Station. 1 minute by foot from Kotodai-koen Station.

Opening Hours

Varies depending on the establishment


Varies depending on the establishment



Best season

All year


Large-scale festivals and events that are representative of Sendai are held at the Jozenji-dori street area. Some of these include the Sendai Aoba Festival in May, the Sendai Tanabata Festival in August, the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in September, and the Sendai Pageant of Starlight in December.

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